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Aerobic vaginitis

We run you through aerobic vaginitis – different to, but usually mistaken for, BV, with yellow, thick discharge, itching and inflammation.

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Genital warts caused by HPV

Genital warts are most often caused by HPV 6 and 11. You might see warts around your anus, vagina, inside the vagina, urethra or in your anal canal, or even in your throat. A doctor will find the hard-to-reach places. Warts (and skin changes) can occur on the...

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Mycoplasma infections in children

Mycoplasma bacteria are very tiny microbes that lack a cell wall, but instead have a unique cell membrane not found in other microbes or viruses. In fact Mycoplasma species were once thought to be viruses they were so small, and could fit through bacterial filters....

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