Anatomical abnormalities in adult women

Not everyone is born with the right junk, which can present a whole set of challenges for the owner of the ‘other’. Here we delve into some of the most common – and rare – congenital anatomical abnormalities in adult women.

Generally these are treated purely in the medical system with surgeries, with natural medical alternatives coming into play with support only.

There is a lot you can do to maximise the results of surgery, heal faster and make greater use of the vagina you end up with.


Precocious puberty

Precocious puberty is the early onset of pubic hair, breasts, vulvar changes and height.

Turner Syndrome

Turner syndrome is what life looks like with a missing X chromosome.

Vaginal Müllerian cysts

Mullerian cysts are caused either by an anatomical hiccup or appear after trauma to the vagina like childbirth.

Obstructed uterine horn

An obstructed uterine horn is an anatomical abnormality whereby the uterus is not connected properly with the cervix and vaginal tissues.

Kallmann syndrome

Kallmann syndrome is a genetic disorder characterised by no sense of smell and late/no puberty.

What is adrenal PCOS?

Sometime the excess androgens involved in PCOS are produced by the adrenal glands, not the ovaries. Find out how to deal with adrenal-androgen excess here.

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