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Before you write to us, check what others have written about below first, particularly concerning vaginal fissures and fingering wounds.

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What other people have asked

Aunt Vadge: his precum touched me – could I be pregnant?

Hi there Aunt Vadge,  My boyfriend rubbed my private parts near the  opening. He didn't penetrate me. He most probably released his precum while doing it. It was during my ovulation period I think. My period is irregular, so I'm kinda lost. Anyway,  I got dressed...

Aunt Vadge: I used hotel soap and now my vulva hurts

Hi Aunt Vadge,  So I was recently at a hotel and I washed up, but I was rushing and kind of washing down there hard, and afterwards my vagina had became dry. The next day it was sore and itchy, then the itching stopped, and every time I wash or touch it, it hurts ....

Aunt Vadge: I’m scared sex stuff is going to hurt

Hi Aunt Vadge, Me and my boyfriend (first one) have been together about four months and we've started 'doing stuff'. I fully trust and love him and want to do stuff with him but I keep getting so scared it's going to hurt. He tried to finger me but I couldn't cope...

Aunt Vadge: can we use a condom if her vagina is really tight?

Dear Aunt Vadge,  Can a condom be used on my penis for STI prevention when having sex with a virgin girl, considering the tightness of her vagina? Yours, Straight Man Age: 25 Country: Africa _____ Dear Straight Man, You should definitely wear a condom when you have...

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