Children's vaginal and vulvar anatomical abnormalities

Transverse and Longitudinal Septums

Why they are different and why it matters

The absence of organs

Vagina, uterus, ovaries, cervix, clitoris, vulva

Turner Syndrome

Turner syndrome is what life looks like with a missing X chromosome.

Vaginal dilators

We discuss the uses of vaginal dilators, including recommendations by experts on how to use dilators.

Obstructed uterine horn

An obstructed uterine horn is an anatomical abnormality whereby the uterus is not connected properly with the cervix and vaginal tissues.

Kallmann syndrome

Kallmann syndrome is a genetic disorder characterised by no sense of smell and late/no puberty.

Reifenstein syndrome

Reifenstein syndrome is an androgen insensitivity syndrome occurring in foetal development that results in improper sex organ development in boys.

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