Female Sexuality

Female sexuality is fascinating and far-reaching, undervalued, over-thought and under-utilised. Complex, interesting, simple, and deep. Delve!

What does asexual mean?

Asexuality is the absence of sexual attraction – not the absence of sex, love, or romance.

Vaginal dilators

We discuss the uses of vaginal dilators, including recommendations by experts on how to use dilators.

Brazilian, French and American bikini waxing styles

Historically, there are three trends in pubic hair waxing designs, and like a McDonald's burger, you could walk into any beautician and they would know precisely what you were asking for. Now, a beautician might have a folder full of designs, but it's important that...

What is sex?

Sex is more than just sticking a dick in it – sex is anything sexual. Here we list out the basics of sex.

Aunt Vadge: I’m scared sex stuff is going to hurt

Hi Aunt Vadge, Me and my boyfriend (first one) have been together about four months and we've started 'doing stuff'. I fully trust and love him and want to do stuff with him but I keep getting so scared it's going to hurt. He tried to finger me but I couldn't cope...

Aunt Vadge: can we use a condom if her vagina is really tight?

Dear Aunt Vadge,  Can a condom be used on my penis for STI prevention when having sex with a virgin girl, considering the tightness of her vagina? Yours, Straight Man Age: 25 Country: Africa _____ Dear Straight Man, You should definitely wear a condom when you have...

STI testing

Getting an STI test is a good idea, especially if you (or your partner) likes sex with more than one person.

Aunt Vadge: tear that hasn’t healed in three months

Dear Aunt Vadge,  Ok so three months ago, my boyfriend fingered me, and the next day I noticed a tear in my labia minora. It didn't hurt though. But it didn't seem to heal. A couple weeks after, me and my boyfriend had sex even though I had a tear, and now it's a bit...

Sexual arousal disorders

Sexual arousal has a few components to it, so a sexual arousal disorder simply means one of those components has been interrupted. In plain English, this means a broad range of 'do I want to have sex, and is my body responding appropriately when I do'. There are so...

Aunt Vadge: fingering used to feel good, but now it hurts and burns

Hi there Aunt Vadge, My boyfriend fingers me and it used to feel really good. I would get to a point where I would go crazy, and now the past two times it really hurts, and doesn't feel good, and I don't feel turned on at all. And he isn't doing anything different. It...

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