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Vaginas are confusing, we know

What’s funny about vaginas is that nobody knows too much about them. Men see vaginas the way women never do, which is front on, from behind, from the side, with tastes and smells very few women ever enjoy. Women experience a vagina primarily by touch, and a top-down approach.

The vagina is invisible to everyone, even the woman who owns it. There are so many bits of wet, dry, wrinkly skin, it’s amazing anyone ever figures it out. Lots of women don’t even know about their own vaginas, so, the next time you find yourself perplexed, you can consider yourself in good company.

Welcome! Don’t forget, if you have any questions, Aunt Vadge knows everything and she’d love to help you.

What is sex?

Sex is more than just sticking a dick in it – sex is anything sexual. Here we list out the basics of sex.

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How girls masturbate

Girls masturbate by using their fingers or an object to stimulate their own clitoris and vagina for sexual pleasure and release. It is done for much the same reasons as boys masturbate - to feel good, and get off (come, orgasm). The clitoris The clitoris is actually...

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Ambiguous genitalia

Ambiguous genitals means it’s really hard to tell if a child is a boy or a girl, and there are a handful of common causes of this anatomical abnormality.

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Medicines that affect your sex drive

Drug-induced sexual dysfunction in women is common amongst those on medication, with the worst offenders being high blood pressure meds, antidepressants, antipsychotics, and anti-androgenics. Every medication has the possibility for adverse impacts, but the impact on...

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