For Trans Women

This section is for women with the vagina they weren’t born with. Excuse us while we get our shit together to bring you high-quality info for your specific vagina needs.

Vaginal dilators

We discuss the uses of vaginal dilators, including recommendations by experts on how to use dilators.

What is genital shedding in herpes?

Viral shedding is where a virus makes virus babies that are popped out of cells, setting out to find their own cells to replicate in, and pop out their own viral babies.

Brazilian, French and American bikini waxing styles

Historically, there are three trends in pubic hair waxing designs, and like a McDonald's burger, you could walk into any beautician and they would know precisely what you were asking for. Now, a beautician might have a folder full of designs, but it's important that...

What is sex?

Sex is more than just sticking a dick in it – sex is anything sexual. Here we list out the basics of sex.

How girls masturbate

Girls masturbate by using their fingers or an object to stimulate their own clitoris and vagina for sexual pleasure and release. It is done for much the same reasons as boys masturbate - to feel good, and get off (come, orgasm). The clitoris The clitoris is actually...

STI testing

Getting an STI test is a good idea, especially if you (or your partner) likes sex with more than one person.

What to Do if You Have Been Raped [Pandora’s Project]

Thanks to Pandora's Project © 2006 Pandora's Aquarium All rights reserved, except that permission is hereby granted to freely reproduce and distribute this document, provided that it is reproduced unaltered in its entirety and contains this copyright information: ©...

Medicines that affect your sex drive

Drug-induced sexual dysfunction in women is common amongst those on medication, with the worst offenders being high blood pressure meds, antidepressants, antipsychotics, and anti-androgenics. Every medication has the possibility for adverse impacts, but the impact on...

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