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     Watch this space!

This section is for practitioners of any discipline seeking greater understanding of vulvovaginal issues that may be affecting your patients, that you feel unable or ill equipped to deal with.

If you would like to request a fact sheet on any topic that doesn’t currently exist, please email us at and we’ll make one. We will also be creating client fact sheets so you can print them and pass them to patients as required.

     But why, My Vagina, why?

The point of My Vagina is to encourage the development of practitioners’ knowledge base and understanding of the vulva and vagina, providing as many treatment options as we can theorise then verify as useful. Ultimately, the goal is to provide a comprehensive toolkit for every practitioner who doesn’t feel confident or has come to the end of their skill with a patient.

We take a multidisciplinary approach, offering patients a variety of treatment choices where possible. As you well know, there isn’t one answer for everything. If only.

     The Australian naturopath – we all have science degrees!

In Australia, our naturopathic training requires a science degree, which is not the case in many countries. We have been fortunate enough to benefit from the skill, experience and vast education of our tutors, who often have PhDs and lecture at the best universities in Australia.

These tutors taught us rigorous critical thinking and how to have meaningful conversations with scientists and doctors, so that we could go on to advance naturopathic medicine and real treatment options that any practitioner, including medical doctors, can use in practice. They also taught us to research the crap out of everything, find the evidence, and then were we’re able, to use that to help our patients and develop research of our own.

     Evidence-based naturopathy

Whatever you think or feel about naturopathy, My Vagina insists upon taking an evidence-based approach. We never attempt to engage in any treatments that go beyond our scope of practice (or are in fact dangerous or unethical), so you won’t find that within these walls. Patient safety is of utmost importance, along with providing women and their practitioners with reasonable options for treating vulvovaginal conditions.

We will be providing groups and forums and all the rest of that good stuff in time. Keep your newsletter subscription active – we promise not to be annoying.

If you have a question about a case, feel free to throw it our way for thoughts. 

Practitioner's question

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Mycoplasma infections in children

Mycoplasma bacteria are very tiny microbes that lack a cell wall, but instead have a unique cell membrane not found in other microbes or viruses. In fact Mycoplasma species were once thought to be viruses they were so small, and could fit through bacterial filters....

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Treating endometriosis can be tricky, with a handful of medical and naturopath treatment strategies, often used in combination.

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