For practitioners

This section is for practitioners of any discipline seeking greater understanding of specific issues using language you understand, with the research and practical experience to back it up. If you would like to request a fact sheet on any topic, please email us at and we’ll make one.

We will also be creating client fact sheets so you can print them and pass them over to patients as required.

What is free bleeding?

Free bleeding is a term used to describe a lack of impediment of menstrual blood – a pad, tampon or menstrual cup – out of the body and into your clothes (or cool period undies!).

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Mycoplasma infections

Mycoplasma refers to a few species of bacteria that can reside in and infect the female genital tract, with several species resistant to antibiotics.

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Vulvar eczema

Vulvar eczema can be caused by a few things, just like regular eczema on other parts of your body.

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Behçet disease

Behçet syndrome is a complex, mysterious disease that presents with ulcerations across the body – mouth, genitals, vascular system.

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