For practitioners

This section is for practitioners of any discipline seeking greater understanding of specific issues using language you understand, with the research and practical experience to back it up. If you would like to request a fact sheet on any topic, please email us at and we’ll make one.

We will also be creating client fact sheets so you can print them and pass them over to patients as required.

Aerobic vaginitis

We run you through aerobic vaginitis – different to, but usually mistaken for, BV, with yellow, thick discharge, itching and inflammation.

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Treating endometriosis

Treating endometriosis can be tricky, with a handful of medical and naturopath treatment strategies, often used in combination.

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Vaginal dilators

We discuss the uses of vaginal dilators, including recommendations by experts on how to use dilators.

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Ovarian Cancer

There are two main types of ovarian cancers, with survival rates variable depending largely on what stage the cancer is discovered at.

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Vulvar cancers

Vulvar cancers are reasonably rare for the most part, but usually get diagnosed late, making vulvar cancer more deadly than it ought to be.

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Androgen excess in women

Androgen excess is typically associated with PCOS, but can be due to other conditions of the ovaries, adrenals or pituitary gland.

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What is free bleeding?

Free bleeding is a term used to describe a lack of impediment of menstrual blood – a pad, tampon or menstrual cup – out of the body and into your clothes (or cool period undies!).

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