Killing BV: Guide for Men ebook


  • Get a clear understanding of the problem that exists on your penis
  • Use the only treatment plan that currently exists for men
  • Access the exclusive BV Support Section
  • Free email support
  • Free treatment tweaks
  • The latest BV research
  • Get support for a tricky topic

“Finding you guys has been a like finding light in an endless black tunnel… Thank you for your information. Gave me tears when I found it.”Patrick 

Do your bit to save vaginas from BV!

Killing BV: Guide for Men explains how and why you are contributing to bacterial vaginosis in your lovers, and how to solve it. 

Our Killing BV men’s program is designed to bust infective biofilms in and on your penis, removing your contribution to the root cause of recurrent BV in women. Stop passing the biofilm seed bacteria back to your partner, reinfecting her, and do your bit to save vaginas! 


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Killing BV: Guide for Men


Killing BV: Guide for Men is an evidence-based naturopathic guide to treating BV biofilms on the penis. Your book comes with a one-of-a-kind support section and free email support – ask us anything! We explain why you have BV-causing biofilms on your penis and how to get rid of them based on sound science and naturopathic principles. Feel confident that you are not reinfecting your lovers.


We use the latest scientific research to develop and continually improve our BV biofilm-busting treatment programs for both men and women. We guide you in the use of tools to break down the polymicrobial biofilm created by Gardnerella vaginalis and other bacteria, the cause of your penile biofilms and possible contributor of recurrent BV in your female lovers. The bacterial biofilm is what makes her BV impossible to get rid of, because of re-infections. Stop the vicious cycle.

BV is not as complicated as it feels, or as hopeless, as we’ll explain to you in our comprehensive, easy-reading book, that comes with our exclusive BV-treatment support section and free email support by qualified naturopaths. That’s right – free email support for you, personalised to your situation, with treatment tweaks, tips, support, and someone to rant to, all for the price of the book.

     The free support section

The exclusive Killing BV men’s support section is available as part of your purchase – get free advice, tweaks, tips and tricks from the qualified naturopaths who run All Things Vagina, with special treatment-related content provided specifically for those undergoing the treatment program. We update it all the time with new research, questions get answered, and the mystery of BV dissolves just like the biofilm inside your penis.

     What men are saying about Killing BV: Guide for Men

“I just want to give you guys some feedback. First, you are the first source that provides the type of info that you do for men. Most avenues do not even address men and how to treat men. Very frustrating. Finding you guys has been a like finding light in an endless black tunnel… Thank you for your information. Gave me tears when I found it.”Patrick

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