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“The best $7.99 I ever spent.” – Jennifer
“I got rid of my BV!” – Anne
“I’m happy to report that the 21 day process worked for me!” – Marie

We are deeply invested in solving BV in a cheap, effective way for all women. We are constantly updating our protocols and information to achieve this end, and not just trying to sell you books; we offer you full access to our research, treatments, and support section until your BV is solved, permanently.

We are accessible by email all the time to answer your questions and provide treatment tweaks where necessary, and to hold your hand until your BV is gone.

     Why do we do this?

Because we hate BV and because we can. Because your doctor doesn’t have answers for you, because the internet is full of misinformation and absolute dud treatments that will never work, and because you probably don’t understand why your BV persists.

We do know why, and we want you to have your vagina back. We are women and know BV all too well ourselves, which is why we feel very strongly about the lack of good information and treatments, and are determined to provide you with workable solutions.

Killing BV explains why you have BV and how to get rid of it using our very own science-based naturopathic treatment plans. The programs ares designed to bust vaginal biofilms and reinstate a healthy lactobacilli biofilm, removing the root cause of recurrent BV.

We also address other causes of BV-like symptoms, like aerobic vaginitis. We tackle BV in unique ways to help overcome antibiotic resistance and make the most of the other treatments available to us.

We are confident that the information we provide will help you in a way that nobody else has been able to.

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Killing BV

The definitive guide to cleaning up the mess left by bacterial vaginosis


Killing BV is an evidence-based naturopathic guide to treating BV that comes with completely free email support by a real naturopath – ask us anything! We explain why you have BV and how to get rid of it based on sound science and naturopathic principles, and take care of you the whole way.


We use the latest scientific research to develop and continually improve our BV-busting treatment program. We guide you in the use of inexpensive tools to break down the polymicrobial biofilm created by Gardnerella vaginalis and other bacteria, the cause of your recurrent BV. The bacterial biofilm is what makes your BV impossible to get rid of, and is why the other treatments you have tried have not worked.

BV is not as complicated as it feels, or as hopeless, as we’ll explain to you in our comprehensive, easy-reading book, that comes with our exclusive BV-treatment support section and free email support by qualified naturopaths. That’s right – free email support for you, personalised to your situation, with treatment tweaks, tips, support, and someone to rant to, all for the price of the book.

The Free Support Section

The exclusive Killing BV Support Section is available as part of your purchase – get free advice, tweaks, tips and tricks from the qualified naturopaths who run My Vagina, with special treatment-related content provided specifically for those undergoing the treatment program. We update it all the time with new research, questions get answered, and the mystery of BV dissolves just like the biofilm inside your vagina.

We know how desperate things can seem, how many things you have already tried, and how many times you have failed. We’ve been there, we get it, which is why we created this book, the extensive support section, and why we offer you free email support. It’s not automated – a real person answers your email, usually within 24-48 hours.

What women are saying about the Killing BV treatment program and book: 

  1. “I just wanted to send in a note about treatment success. I am now 6 months past my BV. I feel such freedom and health. Thank you for being a part of it!”Robyn
  2. “Your book has been extremely helpful. I’m so very glad I came across this book, as so far it’s been the only thing to help – thanks again.”Katrina
  3. “Your website/book is amazing!! Being in the public health field and extremely interested in women’s health, your website and book was so comforting to read and filled with knowledge. I am SO happy I stumbled across your site after numerous pointless Google searches. I will always use All Things Vagina [My Vagina] for any future problems.”Kim
  4. “Thank you for taking the time to make this website.  It truly is the one place I’ve found that is REAL about vaginal issues and health.”Rebecca
  5. “Your desire and willingness to help those of us suffering with this terrible condition is so wonderful.”Danielle
  6. “Thank you for all your help and listening.”Stephany
  7. “The best $7.99 I ever spent.”Jennifer
  8. “I got rid of my BV!!!!”Anne
  9. “I’m happy to report that the 21 day process worked for me!”Marie

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