Here we discuss recent (and not-so-recent) research into vagina and reproductive-related conditions. This section is a mixture of articles specifically for practitioners and those provided for general consumption, however references are provided.

Study: Subtypes of G. vaginalis

A study into the different subtypes of G. vaginalis present in BV, and which are most closely associated with BV.

What is genital shedding in herpes?

Viral shedding is where a virus makes virus babies that are popped out of cells, setting out to find their own cells to replicate in, and pop out their own viral babies.

Ureaplasma infection in women

Ureaplasma is an antibiotic-resistant infection that can affect the urogenital tract of women and men. We discuss its basic components in women.

Mycoplasma infections

Mycoplasma refers to a few species of bacteria that can reside in and infect the female genital tract, with several species resistant to antibiotics.

What is Gram staining?

Learn about Gram staining and how it’s used to figure out what’s living in your vagina.

Hiprex for UTIs (Hip-Rex, Mandelamine, Urex)

Hiprex is a urinary antimicrobial agent – that doesn’t use traditional antibiotics – that has been proved successful in treating and preventing urinary tract infections.

STIs in children

Statistics show that about 10% of sexually abused children have an STI.

Study: Does strain matter? G. vaginalis

Find out if the strain of Gardnerella matters when it comes to BV. A study examines 32 strains of G. vaginalis, their 8 biotypes and abnormal discharge.

A quick look at the evolution of BV research

Bacterial vaginosis has been a medical enigma for over a century, which isn’t promising considering they still haven’t found a solution or even a treatment that works.

Study: antibiotics a dud for BV

Metronidazole is not effective at killing bacterial vaginosis, because it does not remove the biofilm left by Gardnerella vaginalis.

Atrophic vaginitis

Nobody likes a dried up vagina, so learn about atrophic vaginitis and get your juices flowing once again.

BV in pregnancy

BV in pregnancy is bad news for your baby. Find out what to do.

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