Sexually transmitted infections

So you caught something, huh?

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are those that are passed on through sexual contact, through genital contact or body fluids, including blood. Some vaginal afflictions make it much easier for STIs to infect you, especially bacterial vaginosis (BV).

STIs need to be treated immediately with antibiotics, or in the case of more serious, lifelong infections, with antivirals, immunosuppressants or other herbal, medical or physical therapies.

If you suspect you have an STI, see your doctor or local sexual health clinic immediately to be tested and treated. Don’t have unprotected sex with anyone in the meantime, since you could pass it on.

What is a wet mount?

We look at what your doctor is looking for when they do a wet mount in their office – ask them what they can see!

How gentian violet works

An old study examines gentian violet’s antimicrobial properties against Gram-negative bacteria.

Aerobic vaginitis

We run you through aerobic vaginitis – different to, but usually mistaken for, BV, with yellow, thick discharge, itching and inflammation.

What is genital shedding in herpes?

Viral shedding is where a virus makes virus babies that are popped out of cells, setting out to find their own cells to replicate in, and pop out their own viral babies.

Ureaplasma infection in women

Ureaplasma is an antibiotic-resistant infection that can affect the urogenital tract of women and men. We discuss its basic components in women.

What is Gram staining?

Learn about Gram staining and how it’s used to figure out what’s living in your vagina.

Behçet disease

Behçet syndrome is a complex, mysterious disease that presents with ulcerations across the body – mouth, genitals, vascular system.

STI testing

Getting an STI test is a good idea, especially if you (or your partner) likes sex with more than one person.

Pubic lice (crabs, pediculosis)

Pubic lice – crabs – are an infestation of the pubic hair with a small louse. They are reasonably easy to treat, but can be persistent.

Congenital syphilis

Congenital syphilis is completely treatable, but untreated, can cause serious and permanent health problems.


Syphilis is an old-fashioned STD that has largely been eradicated due to antibiotics. However, you can still catch it.


Urethritis simply means inflammation of the urethra, and has many causes.

Treating cervicitis

There are numerous reasons why your cervix may be inflamed, and none of them are fun.

Dating with diseases

Who wants to have sex with the disabled person? We do! Drop the stigma and get laid.


A perineoplasty is vaginal surgery to correct a damage, defect, or deformity on the perineum, in between the vagina and anus. Common issues resolved by a perineoplasty are: Untoned vaginal tissue (loose vagina) Vaginal itching Damaged perineum (possibly from...


Condoms aahhh yawwwn … Learn how to make condoms work for you, not the other way around.

Genital herpes in pregnancy

The risk of transmission to your baby depends on the circumstances regarding your own infection. Get the facts.


The causes of vaginitis vary. This list provides symptoms and causes.


We talk HIV, and how it can affect your vagina.

Trichomonas vaginalis

Trichomonas can cause similar symptoms to BV, but needs to be ruled out before you can treat BV on its own.

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