Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) occur generally when bacteria from the colon gets into the urinary tract and starts to breed, irritating the lining of the urethra and causing inflammation. UTIs cause burning, stinging, and the urge to urinate, despite not much urine coming out. The burn and urge to urinate a lot comes from your acidic urine hitting your inflamed flesh, triggering the unpleasant and painful symptoms.

Treating a UTI at home is relatively easy, but you’ll usually have to persist and get the hang of it after a couple of times. Learning how to do this is invaluable, since frequent UTIs mean frequent visits to the doctor (which costs money) to get antibiotics (which cost you your good bacteria). There are plenty of great options, which we detail here.

Obviously if things feel like they are going haywire – severe pain, fever, kidney pain or blood in your urine, please go to your local emergency room or doctor. You will likely need antibiotics and checks to make sure you don’t have a kidney issue.

What is a wet mount?

We look at what your doctor is looking for when they do a wet mount in their office – ask them what they can see!

How gentian violet works

An old study examines gentian violet’s antimicrobial properties against Gram-negative bacteria.

Aerobic vaginitis

We run you through aerobic vaginitis – different to, but usually mistaken for, BV, with yellow, thick discharge, itching and inflammation.

What is Gram staining?

Learn about Gram staining and how it’s used to figure out what’s living in your vagina.

The neurogenic bladder

A neurogenic bladder means malfunctioning or ‘broken down’ nerves that cause the bladder to function improperly in the storing and expulsion of urine from the body.


Urethritis simply means inflammation of the urethra, and has many causes.

Managing a UTI or cystitis with D-Mannose

You can get rid of a UTI or cystitis using D-Mannose if the infection is caused by E. coli. How do you know it’s E. coli? You don’t, but this treatment is worth a try.

Fermented foods

Eating fermented foods is a great way to increase your vagina’s good bacteria immediately.

Treating a UTI at home

Treating a UTI at home doesn’t have to be a waste of time. Get the skinny on treatment types.

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